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REVIEW: The Other Woman

It’s really hard to believe this not funny comedy was written by a woman (Melissa Stack) since not one thing in it rings true. It begins with a first-date hook-up between Cameron Diaz’s Carly and the Aaron Eckhart look-a-like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau which  turns into an 8 week dream romance til she shows up at his Connecticut home only to have his wife , a very  grating Leslie Mann  (Kate) open the door.

First off, how does a married man spend so many nights and weekends at his very-sharp-lawyer-gf’s place if he’s married ???  Taking the flip side  and he didn’t see the gf on weekends, wouldn’t the sharp lawyer realize her perfect guy was “taken”. And what kind of cheater would give his  mistress his addy??!!  I mean his HOME address??  And what kind of cheated-on wife  befriends a mistress, much less two of them??!! Kate Upton makes her screen debut in a tiny white bikini and is adorable but looks a little uncomfortable every  time she speaks.

Cameron  Diaz has great comedic timing  but  it’s Nicki Minaj who steals every scene  she’s in.  Leslie Mann is just annoying in this film.  Grating and annoying. I just wanted to shake her.

There’s lots of  unfunny slapstick humor that goes on way too long. Jokes  feel old- especially  when  it comes to the revenge , ranging from dumping hair remover in his  shampoo to  sneaking a constipation remedy in his drink to putting female hormones in his morning juice to make him grow man boobs. 

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this mess was directed by Nick Cassavetes, who helmed  my absolute favorite   modern romancer, “The Notebook”.

Do yourself  a favor and cheat “The Other Woman” out of box office money. I promise- you’ll feel cheated if you waste  your money on this  close to 2 hour  worse-than-a-bad-sitcom film.


1 star


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