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Sen. Dyson: no state funds for recreational sex

Sen. Dyson: no state funds for recreational sex

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) _ A state senator says he doesn't think access to contraception is a problem in Alaska.


In a floor speech, Republican Sen. Fred Dyson said he researched the issue after a colleague suggested the number of abortions could be reduced by improving access to contraception.


The issue of the state providing expanded family planning services has arisen during discussion on a bill that would further define when the state would pay for abortions under Medicaid.


Dyson says condoms cost a dollar apiece and for the price of four or five lattes, a woman could get birth control pills for a month.


Dyson says sexual activity is largely ``recreation'' and the public shouldn't be required to finance ``other people's recreation.''


Democratic Sen. Berta Gardner said access to contraception isn't the same everywhere.


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